Inhouse Consultants, Inc. provides legal, political, transactional, and management consulting to small and medium sized businesses that do not require the services or overhead of a fulltime corporate attorney.  Our principal, John White, has had years of extensive experience helping businesses thrive from both the law firm side and working directly for corporations. This puts him in a unique position to provide a perspective that helps avoid costly mistakes before they happen and to direct policy, both internal and political, that will facilitate growth.


Most small and medium sized businesses do not require a full time attorney on staff.  They may engage specialists that direct litigation, intellectual property, or other similar specialized niche aspects of the business.  But those specialists are often so narrowly focused that they have trouble grasping the big picture. Not only can Inhouse Consultants help you understand the broad legal and political implications of your growth, but we can also manage your fleet of specialists and serve as a bridge between your management team and your legal representatives.


What we are:

We are lawyers. But not the type you think.  We specialize in assisting upper management with legal and political strategy that will ensure that your growth is protected and sustainable.  We act as your legal face for investors, financiers, and any other party who you wish to show that your company is mindful of the challenges that face any growing business.  And as your business grows into the need for a full time attorney, our recruiting services division can find you the perfect legal officer or employee that can take you to the next level.


What we are not:

We are not law firm bill generators. We work on a flat monthly fee that ensures your needs are met without requiring that you leverage your core business so that you can feel like you have a lawyer at the table.

We are not going to court for you. Every good attorney knows his or her strengths. Ours lie in directing policy, overseeing transactions, closing deals, and watching our clients’ backs. We have relationships with dozens of law firms who are at the top of their field in their respective specialties.  If you have needs that exceed our charge, we will find you the very best people to do the right job for your business.